• Iowa Sister States Annual Report

What's New?

The Republic of Kosovo is pleased to announce the grand opening of its Consulate office in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday, Jan. 29 th, 2016. The office location is at Court Avenue Business Suites within the Saddlery Building in the Historic Court District. This is the first foreign diplomatic office to be located in Iowa. Kosovo chose Iowa as a place to open their Consulate due to strong civilian and military ties between Iowa and Kosovo. In 2013, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Kosovo’s President Atifete Jahjaga signed a sister state agreement joining the State of Iowa and the Republic of Kosovo. It is expected that the Consulate will further expand Iowa/Kosovo relationships and offer the opportunity for more in depth partnerships and opportunities. 

In July, 2015, Veneto Region, Italy was hit by a surprise and violent tornado. There was one death, many were injured, and the loss of historical property was high. The Reional Government was still dealing with the clean up from the tornado when the Region was hit with heavy rain which caused flash flooding and landslides. Besides injuries and loss of property, there were 3 deaths. The Governor of Veneto Region-Governor Luca Zaia declared a state of emergency in the area where the deaths occurred. The citizens of Iowa are all too familiar with the damage, both physically and mentally, that tornados and flash flooding inflict. Our sister state relationship with Veneto is not only an avenue for exchange in the best of times, but also looked to as a source of strength in challenging times.   

​The funds raised will be sent directly to the Veneto Regional government via ISS. Please click the form below to make a contribution to the Veneto Relief Fund. 


It has been another exciting year for Iowa Sister States! Please click the button below to learn more about the many great projects that Iowa Sister States were a part of in the past year. Thank you again to everyone who helped make this year a success! 

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Iowa Sister States (ISS) manages Iowa's official relationships with its 9 international partners. One of  the roles of ISS is to promote programs between our sister states and Iowa. These are a wide variety of programs, which can includes topics such as economic trade, professional development, agriculture, education, and many more. We host  a wide variety of delegations and groups from our sister states throughout the year. For more ISS and community events click below!

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First and foremost, THANK YOU to the volunteers and financial supporters who have contributed to ISS programs over the years! We could not do what we do without your generous support of our international programs.

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Iowa Sister States is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization based in Des Moines, Iowa. We strive to build sustainable international partnerships that connect Iowans to the world community. Iowa has a powerful history of citizen diplomacy, and our dedicated volunteers and staff are proud to continue this legacy.

"If only people will get together, then so eventually will nations."

-- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Filmmaker Luke Harwath has been working hard on his Iowa-Kosovo Documentary and has a sneak peak into this upcoming film! Luke has done a great job of showcasing Kosovo as an emerging country and how Iowa has had a role in it. Luke plans on premiering the film during Dokufest 2016 in Kosovo. Watch the video below to see the clip! 

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done and we need your help! In order to complete the film we are looking for donations to help this film become a reality. If you would like to donate to this film please use the form below to make a donation.