We wouldn't be able to do this sort of work with out the help of our supporters. Please see our list below to see all of our great supporters. 

Kim Heidemann

Executive Director

Kassi Wheeler

International Program Manager

2015 Annual report 

Our Staff

Our Supporters 

It has been another exciting year for Iowa Sister States! Please click the button below to learn more about the many great projects that Iowa Sister States were a part of in the past year. Thank you again to everyone who helped make this year a success! Type your paragraph here.

ISS is a 501(3)c non-profit organization that was founded in 1985 to manage Iowa's official relationships with foreign states, as established by the Governor of Iowa. Currently, Iowa has nine partnerships around the world:

Our Mission

ISS is a volunteer driven organization dedicated to connecting Iowans with the world community. Our Mission is to provide international programs that promote the interests of Iowans abroad. We do this by facilitating and hosting exchange programs between Iowa and our Sister States.

How do we benefit Iowa?

We provide Iowans (in all sectors) with opportunities statewide to connect with the international community via the sister state relationships.  We host themed programs in various areas including:  agriculture, law, business, culture, education, and many others.  We facilitate exchange programs to host incoming delegations, as well as out-bound.  We facilitate specific scholarship opportunities for Iowans to study in Iowa's sister states, as well as host students to attend Iowa-based colleges and universities.  

What is a Citizen Diplomat?
That's YOU when you get involved with Iowa Sister States.  People to People exchanges change the world by changing one person at a time.  Citizen Diplomats are the foundation of Iowa Sister States and are the reason that ISS is a leader in this field.

Getting involved

There are many ways for our supporters to get involved with ISS. Besides contributing financially, volunteer opportunities to get directly involved with our international programs include: home hosting, translation/interpretation, accompanying or driving international visitors. Stay up-to-date on our upcoming programs and international events going on in the community by joining our email newsletter, or by checking us out on Facebook and Twitter! Opportunities for direct involvement with our international programs will be posted to these channels, as well as our website. 

Our Volunteers

With only two full-time staff, ISS relies on volunteers to provide the creativity and energy to maintain our partnerships around the world. Each partnership is led by one or two volunteers, who assist our staff with the development and implementation of our programs.

Board of Directors

The ISS Board of Directors oversees our international programs and maintains the ethical and fiduciary responsibility of our organization to financial supporters, state government and Iowa's citizenry. 

About Iowa Sister States (ISS)