​Special Projects

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Hebei Relief Fund: Recently, Hebei Province has struggled with severe flooding due to massive amounts of rain. Hundreds have been killed in the flooding, while scores more are missing and feared dead. The loss of property is in the millions at this point. The citizens of Iowa know all too well the devastating effects flooding can have. 
       We feel that it is time that we truly exhibit what “Iowa nice” means. Iowa Sister States has established the Hebei Relief Fund to help in rebuilding efforts.
      Donations will be accepted for the fund until October 1. In recognition of the 1983 signing of the Iowa-Hebei sister state relationship, we ask that you make an $83 donation. (or multiples of 83). We know that this will go a long way in ensuring that the people of Hebei Province know that the citizens of Iowa care about their well being. This effort will further bring our two states closer together. 
       ​To donate please send checks to the address below or click on the donate button on the bottom left of this page to donate electronically.

            Iowa Sister States-Hebei Relief Fund
            200 E. Grand Ave.
            Des Moines, Iowa 50309

With a Cup of Sugar Documentary: Filmmaker Luke Harwath has been working hard on his Iowa-Kosovo Documentary and has a sneak peak into this upcoming film! Luke has done a great job of showcasing Kosovo as an emerging country and how Iowa has had a role in it. Luke plans on premiering the film during Dokufest 2016 in Kosovo. Watch the video below to see the clip!


​There is a lot of work that still needs to be done and we need your help! In order to complete the film we are looking for donations to help this film become a reality. If you would like to donate to this film please contact We need to reach a goal of $48,000 in order for this film to become a reality! Please consider a donation today!  ​​

Volunteer & Home Host Opportunities

Home hosts needed for JOI Coordinator: This would be a long term commitment, preferably 6 months but can host for up to the whole 2 years. ISS has been awarded the chance to host a Japanese Outreach Initiative (JOI) Coordinator! This is a 2 year program where the JOI will work on building capacity between Iowa and Japan. The JOI is a recently retired gentleman that is high civil servant. He is fluent in English and will be given a stipend for a car so that he can travel as needed. The host family will need to provide a bedroom for him to stay in, but mainly open up your hearts and home to him. We hope that the host families will help him to see Iowa as his second home! If you are interested in either of these hosting opportunities please contact Kassi Wheeler at or 515.725.3163

Donate Today

ISS is a 501(3)c non-profit organization. You can donate today via PayPal by clicking the 'Donate' button below. 

If a check is preferable, please click on the Donation Form below for instructions on how to send in a donation. 

Contributions will be attributed to the ISS General Fund unless otherwise noted. You may request your donation be designated to a specific Sister State relationship, program, or scholarship fund, if you so choose by marking it on the Donation Form. 

Donor Benefits

Tourist (up to $99): Listed in the Annual Report
Traveler ($100-$499): Listed in the Annual Report; Citizen Diplomat Magnet
Diplomat ($500-$999): Listed in the Annual Report; Citizen Diplomat Magnet; Globe Award
Consul ($1,000-$4,999):Listed in the Annual Report; Citizen Diplomat Magnet; Globe Award; Exclusive opportunities to host delegations and/or participate in Board of Directors reserved meet and greet events. 
Ambassador ($5,000+): Listed in the Annual Report and on the ISS website; Citizen Diplomat Magnet; Globe Award; Exclusive opportunities to host delegations and/or participate in Board of Directors reserved meet and greet events; Your name/business/organization will be shared with sister state contacts abroad, to include specific contact information for future communication.

50 for $50: ​​Iowa Sister States needs your help to hit our fall fundraising goal of $2500 to pay a portion of the housing needs for our current Yamanashi student-Ms. Nana Matsui.  Ms. Matsui will attend DMACC for the 2016-2017 academic year.  In Japan, her studies revolve around urban planning.  She is 20 years old and she is so excited to be a part of the Iowa-Yamanashi story.

In order to hit this goal-we are asking 50 people to give $50.  That will pay for half of the cost of her housing.  We will do another fundraising effort in the spring for the other half. Check how close we are to our goal below! 



Donate to the Veneto Relief Fund: In July, 2015, Veneto Region, Italy was hit by a surprise and violent tornado. There was one death, many were injured, and the loss of historical property was high. The Reional Government was still dealing with the clean up from the tornado when the Region was hit with heavy rain which caused flash flooding and landslides. Besides injuries and loss of property, there were 3 deaths. The Governor of Veneto Region-Governor Luca Zaia declared a state of emergency in the area where the deaths occurred. The citizens of Iowa are all too familiar with the damage, both physically and mentally, that tornados and flash flooding inflict. Our sister state relationship with Veneto is not only an avenue for exchange in the best of times, but also looked to as a source of strength in challenging times.   

​The funds raised will be sent directly to the Veneto Regional government via ISS. Please click the form below to make a contribution to the Veneto Relief Fund.