Yamanashi Prefecture Research Scholarship

Each year, ISS selects one current college student or recent college graduate from Iowa to attend classes and complete a research project in Kofu, Japan. This unique scholarship opportunity was established almost 20 years ago between ISS and Yamanashi Prefectural University (YPU). 

The scholarship itself covers tuition, entrance fees, accommodation, and other welfare expenses, such as insurance. ISS provides the student with a $1,000 grant to offset living expenses and the cost of international travel to and from Japan. 

The scholarship winner for 2015-1016 is Devyn Christoffer! Devyn arrived in Yamanashi on July 5. She will be auditing classes throughout the year along with working on her research paper. The topic for Devyn's research paper is on looking at Japanese student life and their attitude towards school and activities. Devyn will also be looking at the differences between American student life and Japanese student life.  If you would like to follow her most recent experiences, you can check out her blog at 

DMACC Scholars

The objective of this second scholarship program is to facilitate the opportunity for students from Yamanashi Prefecture to attend DMACC and to promote continued friendship and goodwill between Iowa and Yamanashi. The program serves as a reciprocal opportunity for the long-standing Yamanashi Prefecture Research Scholarship. 

​For the past three years, ISS has welcomed individuals from Yamanashi to study at DMACC for the fall semester. The cost of tuition, fees, books and housing is provided for each student. ISS also assist with orientation to the greater Des Moines area and provides volunteer and staff support throughout the duration of the program. The 2015 DMACC Scholar is Yuka Takasu. Yuka will be arriving in Iowa in August and will begin classes on August 20th. Yuka will be studying English at DMACC but she is also interested in "green tourism". 

Previous Scholars

Alex Bruess


While at YPU, Alex studied Japanese Buddhist temples and their use of pop culture and performance art. Alex returned from Japan in the spring of 2014, but you can still read his blog here >>

Lauren Kawamura


While at YPU, Lauren did her research paper over Kimonos and fashion in Japan. Lauren returned in the spring of 2015.

Natsuki Otagiri


During his time at DMACC, Natsuki is studying English and American Films. Upon finishing the semester, he will intern at ISS.

Asuka Sasamoto


Asuka is studying English, Sociology and Journalism at DMACC. When the semester ends, she will complete an internship in Des Moines in the field of tourism.

Iowa-Yamanashi Scholarships