EST. 1996

“More than 3,300 Ukrainians have participated in the Open World program and its network of rising star alumni in key government agencies and throughout the private sector has helped move forward the reforms that the Ukrainian people, its government and we at the Embassy support.”

-Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch
U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, 2016-Present

  • Population: 1.5 million 

  • Capital: Cherkasy

  • Language: Ukrainian 

  • Area: 20,900

  • Major Attractions: Kaney-Taras Shevchenko Memorial; Uman "Sofiyivka" park; Chygyryn-B. Khmelnitsky Memorial

  • Government: non-elected government branch and elected legislative branch

  • Climate: mild continental 

About Cherkasy


In 1996, Cherkasy Oblast, located in the heart of Ukraine, entered into a partnership with the State of Iowa. Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa and Governor Vasyl Tsybenko of Cherkasy established the partnership by signing an agreement.

The relationship has resulted in several professional, educational, and cultural exchanges. Our Cherkasy volunteers work closely with the Oblast administrative government and the Cherkasy Women's Center.

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Pioneer Cooperation

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Open World

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Meet the Leadership

Monty Freeman has been involved with Iowa Sister States since 2001. As of 2017, he also serves as the ISS Board of Directors President.

For many years, Monty taught Biology at Urbandale High School. He is active in his community as a local 4-H club leader, and as a volunteer at the Annett Nature Center, where he conducts summer camps for youth. He also serves on the Friends of Warren County Conservation Board.

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