Volunteer Engagement

& Outreach

As an organization with friends around the world, we're always looking for more help. There are countless roles available for volunteers, and we can help you find the one that best suits you.


Want to help out everywhere? Become one of our general volunteers!


You will receive our monthly electronic letter about what activities are going on in Iowa Sister States that includes where we need help. If you are able to help out, then you can respond and we will sign you up. Examples are drivers, home hosts, etc, etc, etc, and etc. Through these letters you will also be informed about upcoming delegations that you could be a part of here in Iowa or abroad. 

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Do you want to help in specific field and taking charge? Choose to be a specialized volunteer!


After signing up for one or more specific areas of interest, you will receive emails concerning needs for that area. These volunteers will join a committee and help create new projects in their area and help Iowa Sister States with more technical tasks. Committees usually meet two - five times a year. A few committee examples are below:

  • Agricultural                                   

  • Finance

  • Art                                                   

  • Outreach

  • Business Development​    

  • Youth / Education​

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Meet and connect with people from around the world without leaving your city!


You will receive periodic emails informing about upcoming delegations that require home hosts. If you are able to host, respond to the email and we will give you further information. No delegation is the same--ages range from high school students to retired adults, their reason for visiting Iowa vary, and length of time here changes. As a home host you will need to offer transportation, a bed, and food. We want people who are friendly, and excited to show their community to our friends across the world.