ISS will be a leader in integrating Iowans with the world community.

To develop and implement international partnerships and programs that promote cultural, economic, and other interests of the State of Iowa and its citizens through volunteer, public, and private action.


  • We provide Iowans (in all sectors) with opportunities statewide to connect with the international community via the sister state relationships.

  • We host themed programs in various areas including: agriculture, law, business, culture, education, and many others.

  • We facilitate exchange programs to host incoming delegations, as well as out-bound.

  • We facilitate specific scholarship opportunities for Iowans to study in Iowa's sister states, as well as host students to attend Iowa-based colleges and universities. 

  • We facilitate missions to our sister states that are open to all that support citizen diplomacy and are looking for new ways to engage the international community.

  • And so much more...


Iowans are kind, hardworking, and generous. We are also successful, smart, and savvy. All of this and more is what makes the term "Iowa Nice" a reality. It also makes is prime candidates to be citizen diplomats.


Citizen diplomats are the foundation of Iowa Sister States and are key to keeping us a leader in our field. People-to-people exchanges change the world by changing one person at a time.

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