Executive Director

Karla McCollum is a firm believer in citizen diplomacy and understands the role citizen diplomacy has in developing Iowa's relationships with our Sister States: economically, culturally, socially, and relationally in the world.  She has previously worked directly with the ISS in her role as Director of International Affairs at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa and developed relationships with the Kosovo Consulate to bring Kosovar students to Iowa.  She has, as well, traveled to Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan with the help of the Iowa Sister States.  Karla has a keen awareness of the important role ISS plays in citizen diplomacy, including our strategic relationships and programs we develop for the State of Iowa. 


Karla's most recent role was as Director of International Affairs at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, Iowa, where she developed relationships with over 36 countries and traveled to 25 countries to bring students to the US. Karla has developed and opened new markets by seeking out, developing, and maintaining key local, state, regional, national and international relationships, including forming partnership agreements with other higher education institutions in intra- and inter-state wide, building relationships with the Iowa Economic Development Authority, the US Department of Commerce, US Department of State Education USA offices, foreign country Ministries of Education and US and foreign Consulates and Embassies.  


Karla will continue with the tradition of ISS, with a large focus on recruiting volunteers and continuing to develop existing volunteers to assist ISS in its goals and mission. 

International Program Manager

Cassandra Tant has been passionate about developing and promoting international relations ever since her first experience abroad, to perform in the 50th sister-state anniversary concert in Yamanashi, Japan in 2010. A proud Iowan, she has dedicated her career to international programming.

For the past 7 years, Cassandra has held a variety of positions in international education and office administration.Whilst finalizing her Master’s in International Education, she pursued a career abroad, in France. For over three years Cassandra was responsible for the logistical planning and support of various incoming and outgoing programs at a non-profit study abroad organization. She corresponded daily with international partners (Asia, Europe, North and South America), reformed and maintained our enrollment database, supervised office interns, and acted as a point of contact for staff, professors, host families, students, and the public. She is looking forward to utilizing her skills in administrative coordination, multi-level collaboration, and multicultural communication.