A Win for Drake Football and Citizen Relations in China

Earlier this year there was a unique addition to the Drake football team game schedule; one that would take them half way around the world. To China to be exact. It's true, with the help of Global Football, Drake lined up a game against a Chinese all-star team in the Drake-China Ambassadors Bowl in Beijing on Saturday, May 26 at 1 pm local time (12 am US CDT).

This twelve day trip was a part of a larger movement to increase citizen-to-citizen relationships through athletics, and what better place to go than our sister state of Hebei, China? The actual game took place in Beijing, which is in a neighboring state, however they spent much of their time in Hebei exploring the area and culture.

After spending two days practicing at the University of International Business and Economics, they played a tough game against the Chinese team. Drake excitingly took home the win this time! Once the game was done, the Drake football team dug into the local culture. They hiked the challenging Great Wall segment of Gubeikou-Jinshanling and toured the amazing city of Beijing.

Drake loved this opportunity to share their love of football with the people of China. They brought over 200 footballs to support sport developments there as well as opened their practices to the local people to watch. Drake head coach, Rick fox, commented, "Drake football is excited to travel to China and interact with the people of that great country through the sport of American football. This will be a trip that will have lifelong impact on our young men and we hope it will be a benefit to the people of China as well."

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