EST. 1988

"I discovered so many common interests among the Russian women I met, interests in child care, education, and equity, that I was astonished and pleased. I resolved to do whatever I could do to address the commonality of issues shared across so many miles."

– Dr. Janet Heinicke

About Stavropol

  • Population: 2.79 million 

  • Capital: Stavropol

  • Language: Russian 

  • Area: 66,500

  • Major Attractions: Caucasus Mountains; Kurortny Park; Marzannaya Gallery; Cave of Primitive Man

  • Government: elected governor and state duma (legislature); power is shifting to the state

  • Climate: mild continental 


Located in the south of Russia, Stavropol shares many qualities with Iowa, including wonderful people. The idea for this relationship began with Governor Branstad’s vision back in September 1986. In May 1987, the Iowa/Stavropol pairing was announced, and by September 1987, there were more than than 70 volunteers on the Stavropol committee in ISS.


In June 1988, Governor Branstad and Chairman Tarranov signed the agreement. Since then our relations have focused on a variety of fields such as educations, sports, business, business, agriculture, government, and economic development.


Feature Projects

Open World

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Agricultural Cooperation

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Peer-to-peer Dialogue Program

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Meet the Leadership

​Roger Nowadzky has been involved with ISS for over 17 years. Currently, he also sits on the ISS Board of Directors. 


Roger is involved in the Greater Des Moines Sister City Commission and helped to establish the Des Moines-City of Stavropol Sister City Relationship. 


In the past, he has served as Legal Counsel for the Iowa Legislature, Deputy Executive Director and Counsel for the Iowa League of Cities, and City Attorney of Marshalltown. He was also an adjunct member of the AIB College of Business faculty.

Map from Aljazeera News, Apr 11, 2016



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