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Sorrel Brown was approved as president of the Yucatán committee in November 2016. She is an active member of the Iowa-Yucatán Partners of the Americas, so was a perfect choice as president. She is working hard to advance the Iowa-Yucatán relationship from many different angles!


About Yucatán

  • Population: 1.56 million people

  • Capital: Mérida

  • Language: Spanish

  • Area: 39,524

  • Major Attractions: Chichen Itza, Puuc Routa, archaeological sites, colonial cities, and beaches such as Progreso and Yukalpeten

  • Government: split into 106 municipalities with Mérida as the administrative center

  • Climate: tropical

The Iowa-Yucatán Partners of the Americas was established on September 24, 1965 by a group of business and civic leaders in Des Moines, who met with then-Governor Harold Hughes. After this meeting, Governor Harold Hughes decided that Iowa and Yucatán should be a sister state.


The state of Yucatán was chosen as Iowa's partner because of its henequen production, which is used to produce baler and binder twine. Because of Iowans' use of these products when harvesting oats and hay crops, our two economies are very intertwined.

Although the partnership began from agricultural roots, it has grown to be so much more than that. Iowans and citizens of Yucatán continue to explore different ways they can help benefit both communities. This was flourished into projects to stop hunger, language immersions, and transfer of music and knowledge. 


EST. 1965

"Promoting friendship, communication, and understanding between the people of Iowa and the people of Yucatan."

Feature Projects

Indigenous Culture Preservation

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Hunger Hike

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Yucatán Cultural Immersion Trips

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We are grateful to have amazing partners to help mold the strong relationship between Iowa and Yucatán. The Iowa-Yucatán Partners of the Americas have multiple projects running now and love welcoming new members. Follow the link below!
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